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BAHOOCHIE! – an eejits Card Game


Let me introduce you to the new eejits card game – BAHOOCHIE!

If you have ever played the popular kids card game Top Trumps then you’ll know how to play BAHOOCHIE!

It’s a very similar game with a Scottish theme where players battle with eejits to try and win them all! But the game comes with a wee twist…..

The BAHOOCHIE! cards can change everything! How you win or lose a single round or even how you win or lose the entire game!!

All cards feature unique art & curious eejits. There are 29 CREATURE CARDS and 16 special BAHOOCHIE CARDS – Deep Fried Battered Food Product (of some description), Bagpipes of Dooooooom!, Sporrans and other weird Scottish stuff are included in each pack!

Players set the BAHOOCHIE CARDS in the middle of the table (within easy reach of all the players) and play with the set of CREATURE CARDS.
Each card has 4 categories:

GLAIKIT-NESS (= stupidity)
BEEG & BRAWNY (= strength)
HAIVERIN’ BAMPOT (= talking nonsense)
FOOSUM FACTOR (= stinkiness)

Each category has a score out of 100.

Players battle with the CREATURE CARDS trying to defeat the others and ultimately collect all the eejits for themselves. The youngest player starts the game by reading out a category and the score. All other players read out the scores from the same category on their cards.

Usually the highest score wins but watch out for the BAHOOCHIE CARDS! If a player shouts BAHOOCHIE! and is the first to touch the BAHOOCHIE! deck (set in the middle of the table), then they get to take a card! The instructions on the BAHOOCHIE! card must be followed. Sometimes they help you, sometimes they’ll hinder you. It’s the chance you take! If a player doesn’t have enough cards to complete an instruction on a BAHOOCHIE CARD then they are outta the game!

The winner of the round (usually the player with the highest score, but BAHOOCHIE CARDS can change that) collects the losing cards from each of the other players & puts them to the bottom of their deck. They are now in control of the game and choose the next category from the next card in their deck. Played BAHOOCHIE CARDS are put to the bottom of the BAHOOCHIE deck.

If there is a tie (2 or more cards have the same score) then all cards go in the middle and another round is played. The winner of that round, not only wins the losing cards, but those in the middle as well.

Play continues as before until one player WINS by collecting all the CREATURE CARDS! They have the honour of shaking their bahoochie in a victory dance!


[2-4 players]

Play the game as before but without using the BAHOOCHIE CARDS! Dunno why you’d want to play like this but it’s an option for people who don’t like danger or leaving things to chance!


Hunt e’ eejit!
[3-4 players]

This version of the game is only played with the CREATURE CARDS and doesn’t use the 4 categories. See the number in the top right of the card?!? That’s there for a reason (…..all will be explained).

Each CREATURE CARD has a number on it. Most of them match with another card. There is only one card that doesn’t….poor ol’ Bobb McHoochie here.

Deal out all the CREATURE CARDS to 3 or more players. Players look at all the cards they have. If they have any cards that have numbers in the top right that match, they take them out and put these cards in the middle. Once players have discarded all their matching pairs, they should be left with a few cards each. Players hold out their cards so the other players can’t see the creatures or numbers.

Players then pick one card from the opponent on your right and, if after taking this new card from your opponent, you match numbers on the cards in your hand, put that pair in the middle. Once you have gotten rid of all your cards, you’re out! You have escaped the curse of the BAHOOCHIE!

The player left holding Bobb McHoochie is thus the loser and has to live the rest of their lives with the shame (or maybe play again to try and redeem themselves!)

BAHOOCHIE! and all the images contained within the game are copyright © George Mackay. All rights reserved. BAHOOCHIE! An eejits card game was successfully funded on KickStarter on February 5th 2017. See bit.ly/bahoochie  for details about the crowd funding page.